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Keeping Things Simple

Have a nice conversation with ChatGPT without the frills

With TextGPT there are no apps to download, API tokens to manage, or passwords to remember. Just text messages.

  • Instant Messaging

    Easily message our bot anytime. Continue previous conversations or start new ones.

  • No Passwords

    No Passwords

    It's all iMessage-based. No need to create another password.

  • No Websites

    Sure, this is a website but once you get set up, all you need is your phone.

ChatGPT, but in iMessage

Get lightning-fast responses to your questions and access expert knowledge without ever having to leave your favourite message app on iPhone.

Bring your visions to life with Canvas Creator 🖌️

Turn your iMessage in to your personal art studio! 

Get creative and design your own unique wallpaper that truly represents your artistic vision.

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